Johnnie Taylor

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Who's Making Love

von Who's Making Love...

2:48Ab 1,49 €

I Got to Love Somebody's Baby

von Wanted: One Soul Singer


You Can't Get Away from It

von Stax-Volt: The Complete Singles 1959-1968

2:45Ab 1,59 €

Stop Half Loving These Women

von Stop Half Loving These Women

3:49Ab 1,09 €

I Want You Back Again

von Stop Half Loving These Women

3:32Ab 1,09 €


Johnnie Taylor - Stax Classics
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Johnnie Taylor - Life Is a Journey
Johnnie Taylor - Around and Around We Go
Johnnie Taylor - With Every Heart Beat
Johnnie Taylor - Keeps On Making a Way
Johnnie Taylor - Stop Half-Loving These Women
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Johnnie Taylor - Johnnie Taylor 1964
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