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Old Pop in an Oak

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Cotton Eye Joe

von Sex & Violins


The Spirit of the Hawk

von Farm Out!


Wish You Were Here

von Sex & Violins


The Sad But True Story of Ray Mingus, the Lumberjack of Bulk Rock City, and His Never Slacking Strive to Exploit the So Far Undiscovered Areas of the Intention to Bodily Intercourse from the Opposite Species of His Kind, During Intake of All the Me...

von Sex & Violins



Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe Mastered 1994
Rednex - Manly Man Remix Frenzy (Metapop Remix Competition 2019)
Rednex - Hold Me for a While (feat. Zoe, Moe Lester the Limp, Cash, Pervis the Palergator & Jiggie McClagganahan) [Valentine Version] [Unplugged]
Rednex - Manly Man
Manly Man Rednex 2018
Rednex - The Chase
The Chase Rednex 2018
Rednex - Farm Out!
Farm Out! Rednex 2017

Singles & EPs

Rednex - Where You Gonna Go
  • 16-bit FLAC
Rednex - Innit for the Money
Rednex - Drinking & Pub Songs, Oktoberfest & Party Songs 1
Rednex - The End
The End Rednex 2012
Rednex - Racing
  • 16-bit FLAC
Rednex - Desert Town
Desert Town Rednex 2009